Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Aloha Kakou!!

Well, the title says it all...for most of my life I have been looked on as a rather teeny person, coming in at a tad under 5'6". When someone is small like I am, it can gomone of two ways, either you accept it, make the best of it and find the goodness that comes from a low center of gravity or you develop a serious case of SPD, Small Persons Disease. (Think Napoleon) I have always strived for the former and frowned on the latter, and am glad to say that I have been lucky to have my dear Leialoha's share the same philosophy. Sure, you have to sit much closer to the steering wheel, and now and then you are forced to ask people to reach things for you on a higher shelf, but for the most part, it is all pretty good. So, what does this have to do with anything? Well, it is all about this:

This in my new iPad mini that the wonderful Leialoha gifted me. She is always responsible for bringing new wonderful things into my life. I am an iPader from the first gen and I have been debating whether to get the latest one or the mini. She made the decision for me, and I am so happy she did. This does everything my iPad does and more. While it takes a little adjustment for typing, it is definitely worth it...and I am doing today's blog from it. I always get heeled out by new things, but I can see that except for onstage, this new mini will take the place of my other iPad. It is much lighter, it takes pictures and video, and is much easier to hold and read. All around, it's a winner and it will now never leave my sight...except when sleeping of course.

So since the last blog, (which I am sad to say was at the end of November) the Hawaii season has just zipped by. We are now ten cruises in, and we are very pleased by the return of David Cole as cruise director. David is the CD who we developed the Hawaiian Enrichment Program with years ago, and he had been transferred over to the Sapphire Princess for all of last season. He has a great love for Hawaii, and always puts out a great program. I also split ukulele teaching duties with him and he will sit in with us from time to time as well. Between the three of us, we have come up with some pretty cool classes and presentations, and I urge folks to come and see us here on the Golden or on the Star for next year. Also, just as a heads up to anyone reading this from the Princess Cruising community, Leialoha and I will be disembarking the Golden a little early this season. Princess has requested that we go to the Sun Princess in late April to perform on a Japanese cruise for nine days. The Japanese cruise market is a blossoming one, and Princess is looking to position themselves it he market. The Japanese love Hawaiian culture and music, so they have asked us to do the inaugural sailing to give the guests an added treat. I have never been, so it will be a real treat for me, and to perform for a different kind of cruise passenger. We will miss the Golden, but we are company folks, so off we go!

So that is just a little quick aloha and news from Lahaina. I will endeavor to be better about posting...I guess you can say that will be my New Years February!

Malaga Pono e Aloha!!

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  1. We'll be there on the next cruise from LA. Can't wait for next week!

  2. On no. Are we going to miss you on the April 10th cruise? :(