Thursday, September 6, 2012

E Komo Mai

Aloha and e komo mai...this is the first, in what we hope will be many blog entries from myself and Leialoha...if you are here, chances are that you know us from either Princess Cruises, from our travels around the world...or from back home in Hawai'i. Leialoha and I decided to do this blog as a way to keep in touch, inform and to hopefully entertain. We will share pictures, videos, stories, music...almost anything is fair game. If you have any questions or comments, always feel free to leave them here, or at our email at Remember, we are at sea a bunch, so if we don't get back right away...don't be mad. And on a personal note, peep out my birthday gift from the lovely Leialoha...I needed a new ukulele for this season...and what is now mine? It is a smokin' Willie K Ukulele from Oscar Schmidt. A ton of mahalos to Ken at Hilo Guitars...the best place to find a uke in all of Hawaiʻi...tell them Elua sent you.

Many of you may know that we have just purchased a home in Hilo...Leialohaʻs first house, my first house, and of course our first house together. It is a bit overwhelming, but Leialoha has gone above and beyond to make it homey and warm in a very short time. When the house is ready to be put on display, pics will follow. Have a great night all, and check back soon. A hui hou!!


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